Sharon Chatfield's Childminding
an OFSTED registered childminder in Deal


~ Normal fee- £4 per hr, 8am-6pm, Monday to Friday (excluding bank holidays).

~ Out of hours- £6 per hr, before 8am & after 6pm- Monday to Friday.

~ Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holidays- £6 per hr.

~ Overnight- Not currently available but hope to reinstate this service by 2012.

~ Wrap around care, including transport
   8am->9am including breakfast £5
   3pm->6pm including dinner £15

~ Before and after school care only- £5 per hr.

~ Overtime- hourly fee + £3 per hr, late collection of contracted hours.

~ All nappies, wipes & nappy sacks provided for your child + 10p per hr.

~ Lunch- £1.50, Dinner- £2, Refreshments & snacks are provided free of charge.

Payment Policy

~ Two weeks deposit is payable on completion of contract. This is refunded upon termination of the contract, providing all fees are paid in full.

~ All fees are charged to the nearest 15 minutes, calculated on the last day of the week the child attends, payable within 7 days.

~ If a child is sick half fee is payable (up to 2 weeks worth of contracted days only per year) if I am notified the day before, otherwise full fee will be payable

~ If a child is away on holiday half fee is payable (up to 4 weeks only per year), otherwise the full fee will be payable.

~ There is no fee payable if I am closed for holiday (parents are notified at least 4 weeks in advance, usually longer), or if I am closed due to an emergency or illness.

~ If a bank holiday falls on a day that your child usually attends and you wish your child to attend as usual the increased charges for bank holidays will apply. However if you wish your child to not attend on a bank holiday there will be no fees charged for that day and it will not be taken out of the child's or childminders holiday allowance.

~ To reserve a child's place for future use a retainer fee or deposit may be payable.

Help With Costs

~ Tax Credits - As I am OFSTED registered you may be able to claim a percentage of childcare fees.

~ Tax-free childcare vouchers - Some employers offer a tax free childcare voucher scheme for you to use towards fees, where possible I am happy to accept these as payment. Please ask your employer for more information.

~ Funding - I am currently in the process of becoming quality assured allowing me to accept the 15 hours free nursery education for 3&4 year olds towards your fee.

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